The 360°-System

Everything is possible
Thanks to the 360°-system, every angle is possible. Even when selecting the fillers, you have an endless number of options. Whether aluminium, WPC, stainless steel-gabions, decor plates or individual design elements – the DSYSTEM makes it possible. Of course, this is also true in combination with customised garden gates. Enjoy the highest possible flexibility, flawless design and the highest possible degree of quality, precision and functionality.

Thanks to the integrated dovetail joints, angles can be generated with great ease, which allows you to make optimal use of your entire property. In drafting your design, your imagination will be free from any boundaries. Aluminium offers a tremendous advantage compared to other materials in soil. It simply cannot rot.

Our aluminium posts will impress you with their aesthetics and their ease of assembly. You only need a single post to set an angle! Our blinds-project started from the results of a review of market research which indicated that none of the posts available on the market can make angles. Until now, angles could only be made with the help of a second post. The disadvantage: complicated assembly and minuses in the optics.

Modular System
Our developer-team worked hard on the problem for six months. The new post is the result of a whole series of prototypes. In the two-year test phase that each of our new products goes through, our innovative blinds are also subjected to an exacting inspection. The result: numerous advantages for our project partner and its customers! Since only one post is needed for the angle, costs sink and work required for assembly is simplified by this innovative system. Value is also added in the area of design by our blinds-post; from the vision of our customers direct to the finished product, without compromise!

Two materials flow together
as if cast in the same mould
The adapter rail makes it possible to connect fillers of up to 10mm thickness without screws.

The play of shadows
You can individually set the spacing between the lamellas to make them light and elegant or select the spacing that we suggest as standard. The decision is yours.

Forming ridges
There is no more beautiful or light solution for this detail. Enjoy flawless design, the highest possible degree of precision and functionality.


Optimal use of your property – because every angle is possible.

Design options
Select from a broad variety of materials and the possible combinations will inspire you.

Easy to maintain
Maintenance costs and subsequent treatments will be a thing of the past.

All filler materials are weather resistant and retain their colour.

Thanks to our modern system no drilling or screws are needed.

Our products are made only of high-grade materials.



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