WPC terrace-flooring: Modern products for modern people

When planning a project, the aesthetic and practical are often opposing concepts. The terraces from DFLOORING by contrast combine an elegant wood optic with practical characteristics. Our WPC terrace flooring is almost maintenance free, easy to clean and weather resistant.

Depending on the area used (garden, balcony, pool, etc.), individually designed solutions in terms of the colour and design of the flooring mean that the terrace will fit into your planning seamlessly. In contrast to purely synthetic flooring, our WPC terrace flooring will impress you with its natural appearance. Unlike traditional wood flooring, WPC-products are certainly splinter-free and easy to clean.

The robustness of our products guarantees that even after your project is completed neither colour changes nor damages from moisture or heavy exposure to sunlight. Thus WPC combines the advantages of synthetic products with the elegance of the raw material, wood.

Quality characteristics

What you need to pay attention to when buying a WPC terrace!
There are many WPC products on the market. Especially widely used are WPC-products made of PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene) and PVC (polyvinylchloride). These belong to the group of widely used standard plastics, which are manufactured by many producers in great volumes.  Additives are mixed in during production to protect the materials from fungus, mould, along with UV-stabilisers to prevent colour bleaching. These products made of PP or PE have favourable manufacturing costs since they can be reduced through the processing of the various plastic materials.

We go a different way: High-grade terrace flooring made of PVC
The quality of a wood-fibre composite materials is influenced especially by the origin of the raw materials used. The more exclusive variant is the composition of the PVC. Our terrace flooring is made solely of single-species wood fibres and high-grade plastics (no recycled material). Thanks to its purity and nearly white base colour, PVC has excellent properties in taking up colour pigments and does not accept any added materials in processing. The PVC granulate is subjected to additional processing mainly in the injection moulding and extrusion procedures. Our products are 100% free of tropical woods and thus comply with strict ecological requirements. We use pure forest woods from sustainable forestry. We wholly refrain from using artificial fillers in our products. This makes our WPC-flooring completely recyclable.

Colour options

Our products contain exclusively biological, UV-resistant colour pigments. After the wood fibres have gone through the natural process of turning grey, the natural colour structure appears. It can take months for the terrace to reach its final natural colour, depending on weather conditions. The colour character of the flooring however will persist for years thanks to the dyed polymers.


Through the high quality of the raw materials used and the professional processing, we achieve a perfect symbiosis between design, functionality and useful life.

Maintenance & care
With the purchase of our DFLOORING systems, high maintenance costs and subsequent treatments will be left behind, a great advantage over traditional wood products.

Weather resistant
Neither rain, sun, snow, nor sudden temperature fluctuations can do anything to our DFLOORING products.

Easy to clean
Cleaning with lukewarm water or with a high-pressure washer is sufficient. As needed, the surface quality can also be freshened up by brushing it with a wire brush.

Splinter-free and permanently resistant to torsion
All of our products will impress you with their enormous toughness and stability. Whether a carport, pergola, blinds or terrace – all products are guaranteed to be splinter-free.

Unique anti-slip surface
Their brushed surface (anti-slip class R11) makes our products ideal for the private or public use near water, whether at the pool, the harbour or open-air swimming pools.

Partner for your terrace project from A-Z

Are you looking for a partner for your terrace project? On request, we will realise your project from A-Z. From the consulting, to the planning and delivery, to assembly on-site, we will take care of your project.

We work together with skilled partners for delivery and assembly. So, we offer you on request excellent service and a quality overall package so that your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.


We will be glad to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Get an idea of what colour best fits your design. Here you have the option of ordering our sample box with various colour patterns.



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