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Design in the historical context of Swiss hiking trails.
Who among us has never sat down to rest on a bench and enjoyed a bratwurst? These red benches in Switzerland have become regarded as a natural part of our forests. We expect them to be there.

Developed for the forests of the legendary hiking trails of Switzerland
We consciously decided not to change the ergonomic design of the seats and back supports. But we did change the unique selection of materials for the seats.  Aluminium profiles with WPC casing form this weather-resistant upgrade to our new, old bench: they don’t mould, rot or splinter.


A new solution for your product?

Do you have a product, for which the maintenance costs and the associated time demands are too much? Then contact us and we will design you a product customised to your needs.

Design and material options

The new WPC-hybrid profiles can thank the material aluminium, which is found in the inner core of this product, for their higher robustness. Compared to conventional wood composite materials, we achieve considerably higher values in the areas of compressive strength, torsion resistance and deflection.

Like each of our developments, the WPC hybrid profiles are tested as extensively as possible for two years before being introduced to the market. And the wait was certainly worth it. We have developed an innovative product for our customers, one which also endures the greatest stresses and will integrate seamlessly into the widest variety of space concepts and projects.

Assembly options

  • Free standing and prefabricated foundations for embedding (visible)
  • For dowelling onto on-site foundation / platform planking
  • For placement on asphalt with specialised anchors


Our products are exclusively made of high-grade materials

Whether summer or winter, our products hold up against any weather conditions

Thanks to our innovative coating, the products are very easy to clean


We will be glad to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.



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