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Our exclusive solid glass railing system

This solid glass railing is the more elegant variation of a glass railing, entirely without posts. Many appreciate that the railing is there without taking up space. By choosing glass, you choose either an unobstructed view (clear glass) or you design the glass to prevent viewing in from outside (satinized glass).

Safety glass

Composite safety glass with SWISSLAMEX COLORDESIGN film is an excellent aesthetic design element and can also provide an effective optical privacy blind. Composite safety glass with colour film can be used effectively as a design element with a safety function in the overall architecture.


  • Clear transparency, minimal residual reflexion
  • Reflects original colour
  • Coating suitable for: Floating glass, single-pane safety glass (ESG), composite safety glass (VSG), insulating glass
  • Highly durable and abrasion-resistant coating complying with DIN-norms
  • Improvement of light transmission grade


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